Universe one includes 4,000 Lands.

As the game progresses and more Universes are introduced, the total daily production of Honey (HXD), which is the in-game currency, will remain constant at approximately 319,000 Honey per day.

To ensure this consistency, whenever new Lands are opened, there will be halving events. These events will result in each plot of Land producing a reduced amount of Honey on a daily basis compared to the initial launch period.

It's important to note that the distribution of Honey will be fair among all Universes, meaning each Universe will receive an equal share of the total daily Honey. However, within each Universe, the distribution of Honey among individual Lands may not be equal.

As the player population increases in Honeyland, there will be a higher demand for the limited resource of Honey. This means that even though the actual production of Honey for each Land decreases during halving events, the value of the Honey production on each Land should be higher.

Additionally, other game elements will also experience similar halving events as more Lands are opened. This includes the Capacity trait for Bees, the cost of Breeding, and other in-game events. Moreover, the Land entry fees for Hunting missions will also have reductions in relative Honey amounts.

Overall, the halving events aim to balance the availability of resources and maintain the value of Honey in response to the growing player base and the opening of new Lands and Universes.