The Honeymoon Suite (accessed via the Bee Lab) is where you breed your Bees to grow your swarm.

Your entire swarm will be displayed allowing you to easily see which Queens and Bees are available for Breeding.

Strategy: The male Bee determines the offspring’s generation.

  • A Genesis Bee will produce Gen 1 Bees
  • A Gen 1 Bee will produce Gen 2 Bees
  • A Gen 2 Bee will produce Gen 3 Bees
  • A Gen 3 Bee will also produce Gen 3 Bees
  • A Gen Z Bee will produce Gen Z Bees

Queens and Bees experience a cooldown period after each Breed. You will still be able to use them in the other parts of the game, but they won’t be able to Breed again until the cooldown ends.

Breeding cost increases each time a Male Bee Breeds. A Bee who hasn’t bred before will have a lower cost than a Bee that has bred 100 times.

Look Out! - The Queen's mood will change each time she Breeds unless Mood Stabilizer is used during the Breeding process. The mood of male Bees does not change. Remember, matching the moods of your Queen and your Bees generates significant stat boosts for Missions.