Poison Bomb gives you a Harvesting advantage!

When you deploy a Poison Bomb it will decrease the Agility of other player’s Bees on that Land. This means your Bees are more likely to collect Honey (HXD) on that Land more quickly.


You create a Poison Bomb item by redeeming Poison Bomb shards or by purchasing a Poison Bomb item from the in-game Item Marketplace.

Once you have a Poison Bomb item:

  • Visit the Land you want to poison
  • Tap on the  "Use Item" icon on the right side of your screen - this will bring up your inventory
  • Tap on the Poison Bomb icon to activate it

IMPORTANT - Rarer bombs cancel out less rare bombs

Let's look at an example:

Player A uses a Common Poison Bomb on a Land. The Bomb decreases the Agility of other player's Bees by 10% for 6 hours (see chart below). 

If player B then uses a Rare (or higher) Bomb, it will cancel the Bomb of player A and player B will have the advantage. 

Landowner benefit: Landowners can use Mint Spray to cancel Poison Bombs placed by other players. The Mint Spray needs to the same rarity or rarer than the Poison Bomb for the Poison Bomb to be cancelled. 

There are five different rarities of Poison Bomb:
The rarer the Poison Bomb, the greater the decrease in the Agility stat and the longer it will last.