Beemium accounts cost approximately $30 USD, and can be purchased using in-app purchases with a credit card.

If  you reside in a country where in-app purchases do not work, you can purchase Beemium through the Hivemind website with our $HXD Token.

Opening a Beemium account gives you full and immediate access to the entire Honeyverse.

Remember, ALL Honey and other assets you earned during Free-to-Play will transfer to your Beemium account and are immediately unlocked allowing you to sell them or continue to hold them in your inventory. It’s your choice!


The following are the major perks of Beemium account:

You can access extreme climate Lands for Hunting

You can withdraw Honey from the game (withdrawal tax applies)

You can convert game items to tradable SFTs

You have full access to Honeyverse games

Your account is not subject to an inactivity fee