Mission Cap is the number of Missions the Bee can complete before he retires

  • Each Gen Z Bee starts with a Mission Cap of 20
  • The Mission Cap is increased each time the Bee is upgraded
  • Upgrading any stat will add 10 to the Mission Cap for the upgraded Bee
  • Upgradable stats are: Health, Attack, Defense, Agility, Luck, and Capacity

NOTE: Any rarity upgrade will add 10 to the Mission Cap

Each successful Hunt or Harvest adds one to the Mission Count Once a Bee's Mission Count matches his Mission Cap, he will need to be upgraded to add to his Mission Cap. If he doesn't have any open upgrade slots, he will be retired (see below).

NOTE: Player vs. Player (PvP) and Breeding do NOT affect the Mission Count

Mission Span is the number of days a Bee can be active on Missions A Bee will retire once the Mission Span hits 0, even if he hasn't reached the Mission Cap.

Mission Span cannot be extended

NOTE: Gen Z Bees can be converted at any time. You don't need to wait for their Mission Cap to be reached or their Mission Time to expire.  

Retired Gen Z Bees can be converted into shards. This will remove the Bee from your hive.

NOTE: Retired Gen Z Bees can still be used to do Quests and PvP

You will receive 40 shards for each Bee you convert. 

The 40 shards are randomly chosen and can be any of the following: Shield, Poison Bomb, Cursed Honey Drop, or Sonar Buzz.

To convert Gen Z Bees to shards:

Visit My Bees, choose the Bee you wish to convert, and tap Convert.