Here is a breakdown of the fees that you can expect when using the in-game Marketplace to buy and sell Honeyland Collectibles.

Magic Eden has a required fee for sellers (0.5%) and buyers (1.5%). 

There will also be a conversion tax on all transactions involving a player’s taxable balance. The taxable balance is the Honey (HXD) earned in-game. 

  • The conversion tax is 40% for all players without Beemium
  • The conversion tax will match the withdrawal tax of a player’s VIP level for all Beemium players

Purchased HXD is not be subject to tax.  NOTE: To see your tax-free and taxable balances as well as your current withdrawl tax percentage, visit the in-game Bank (via the main menu) and then tap Withdraw. 

Marketplace purchases will ALWAYS draw from a player’s tax-free balance first and then any taxable balance if necessary.