Honeyland regularly releases limited edition cosmetics allowing you to change the looks (and sometimes the stats) of your Bees.

NOTE: When you apply a cosmetic to a Bee using Trait Swap, the current trait is removed from the Bee and you will no longer have access to it. If the current trait was providing a stat boost to your Bee, that stat boost will also be removed.

1-1 Genesis Bees - Each Genesis Bee that is hatched has a chance of being a unique Bee. NOTE: 1-1 Genesis Bees are not eligible for further cosmetic upgrades.

Chase Bees - Each month, players who Breed their Genesis Male Bee, or Hatch a Genesis, Gen 1, or Gen 2 Egg have a chance to receive that month's Chase Bee. Learn more about Chase Bees here.

NASA Traits - NASA traits were first offered in April 2024. They will appear randomly in the Cosmetic Shop going forward.

When applied to a Bee:

  • Hoodies boost Endurance 3 points
  • Space Suit boosts Endurance 20 points
  • Hats boost Endurance 3 points
  • Helmets boost Capacity 20 points

Stepn Traits - In April 2024, through a partnership with Stepn, Bees were able to have shoes for the first time! Players could purchase one set of Legendary shoes or up to 50 sets of Common shoes.

When applied to a Bee:

  • Legendary shoes boost Agility and Endurance by 10 points
  • Common shoes boost Agility and Endurance by 3 points

Cibona Traits - In February 2024, Our partnership with the Cibona basketball team brought Cibona Jerseys and Cibona Basketballs to game.

When applied to a Bee:

  • A Cibona Jersey boosts Endurance by 30 points, changes the Bee's like to Cibona, and provides a 30% Capacity boost when Harvesting
  • The Basketball increases the Bee's Capacity by 30 points, changes it's like to Cibona, and boosts its Capacity by 30%

Mad Honey Experiment #2  - let you burn a MHV to change the art of your Bee to a special Bee. The new Bee was designed by one of 8 artists that partnered with Honeyland! Experiment #2 was open from August 19 to August 26, 2023. NOTE: MHV#2 Bees are not eligible for further cosmetic upgrades.