NOTE: Click here to learn how to stake HXD 

To stake Bees, Queens, Lands, and Passes, visit the game's companion website HiveMind at

  • Click on the “Connect Wallet” button to connect your wallet. 

  • When connected, click on “Staking” in the top right corner.

  • On the staking page, click on “Unstaked” to get a list of all your unstaked assets.

  • Click either "stake" (to stake a single asset) or "bulk" (can stake up to 10 assets per transaction) button.

  • Select each of the assets you want to stake.

  • Click the "Stake selected" button.
  • Approve the transaction in your wallet

  • Navigate to the "Staked" tab where you will find your newly staked assets. You can now use your staked assets in the Honeyland game.