Step 1:  Visit the Honeyland website and download the appropriate version for your mobile device (Android/iOS)

Step 2: After downloading the game, you need to login into your account. There are three options for creating/logging into your Honeyland account:

  • The first option is to log in using your existing Phantom or Solflare wallet.
  • The second option is to log in using Gmail authentication.
  • The third option is to log in using Apple authentication.

Step 3: Once you've created an account, you can start playing in the Free to Play (FTP) mode immediately. You can also upgrade, at any time, to a Beemium account via a one-time purchase of approximately $30 USD payable using your Google Pay or Apple Pay account. You can also upgrade using $HXD by visiting

The in-game tutorial will guide you through the menus and get you started on your Honeyland journey.