Eventually, everyone will want to increase their Bee’s Strength, Luck, and Agility. Who wouldn't want to make their Queen even more regal!? This is where the game gets really exciting. Learning why and how to apply upgrades is fun.

Redeeming the shards you have been gathering is the heart of the upgrade process. Visit your Inventory to do that. If you want to upgrade your Bees and don’t want to wait until you have enough shards, you can purchase upgrades from the Item Markeplace

Upgrading your Queen increases her Level and can affect her stats and Mood depending on the rarity of the upgrade used. (see chart below for details)

A Queen’s Level shows how many upgrade slots she will pass on to her offspring when she Breeds. The more upgrade slots a Bee has, the more you can improve its stats!

Example: A Level 12 Queen will produce offspring with 12 upgrade slots, allowing that Bee to be upgraded a maximum of 12 times.

Reminder: When a Queen’s Mood matches with the Mood of Bees sent on Missions it provides a Boost to your Bee’s stats for that Mission. This can have a big impact on the result of the Mission.