Harvesting is how you earn Honey (HXD). Honey is used throughout the Honeyverse to play games, buy assets, join events, and much more! Select a Land from the Universe map to see that Land’s details. Need help choosing which Land to Harvest? Deploy Sonar Buzz to view the details of a variety of Lands at a glance. This time saver helps you identify Lands that are currently high producers.

Look out! - If a Land has an active Poison Bomb deployed by another player, it will decrease the Agility stat of your Bee likely increasing the time it will take you to Harvest that Land

Want to Harvest extra Honey? - Keep an eye out for Lands that have an active Paradise Maker as it will increase the Agility stat of your Bee which speeds up your Harvest

Send your Bees on lots of Harvesting missions to build your reserves of Honey. Honey is used throughout the Honeyverse. It opens the door to a wide variety of fun activities.

Learn more about Harvesting here

REMINDER:  if you send an average Bee (Capacity and Agility) to a Land with average competition on the Land, the mission should take approximately four hours to bring the Honey (HXD) back to the hive.   Once your Bee completes his mission, he will have an average of a two-hour cooldown period before he is ready to embark on a new mission.

Bees with high recovery stats will be able to reduce this cooldown period so they can embark on new missions sooner. Additionally, players with an Active Queen in their hive that is Genesis, First, or Second Generation will experience reduced cooldown times.

REMINDER:  Land reserves are produced when Honey production is higher than the amount being harvested. This means that Lands with 0 reserves can still be harvested! Bees tend to Harvest faster on Lands that have reserves so be sure to take advantage when you see a Land with reserves.

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